Permanent Make-Up Machine Needle ,Module & Cartridges

ME 100106 Permanent Make Up 3er Slope Cartridge (15er pc) 178,50 €

Derma Contour has developed and patented the first integrated needle system with the attachment of a cartridge that can guarantee the highest standards of hygienic safety. The inner membrane keeps the needle percectly sterile and clean while it protects against dye or blood flow back into the hand piece. Simultaneously, it protects the needle from contamination during use. In order to meet safety requirements, all disposable cartridges are packed in an ISO class 8 cleanroom, and they are additionally sterilised with ethylene oxide. An individual lot numer is assigned to each cartridge.

When the needle cartridge is detached – the needle, being guided automatically, retracts into the hand piece. This prevents any accidental puncturing by the needle and prevents the possibility of a viral infection causing, subsequently, the onset of some dangerous diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis. The cartridge contains a reservoir for a specific colour of pigment. A single cartridge lasts for the entire regular procedure without the need to refill. Due to the patented cartridge design, splattering of the pigment does not occur. Special attention has been paid to the needles as well. The shape of the needle was designed optimally in order to obtain the highest precision and offers minimum discomfort while implanting dyes into the skin.


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    • Thanks for your Inquiry, we can subtract 15% from the original price if you can provide us with your Tax number in your country but your country´s custom cost and shippment cost should be paid by you. For more info on the needles and machines pls visit Thanks and God Bless. Hoping to have a good business relationship with your company.

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